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Hi there! My name is Anne-Sophie and I'm a skilled freelancer with a strong drive to succeed. I'm thrilled to share my story with you, hoping to give you a better understanding of my skills and experience.

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Back in 2019, I had an amazing time working at a digital marketing agency in Barcelona while completing my Bachelor's degree in International Business Administration. However, this wasn't just a job for me. I absolutely fell in love with writing, online marketing, and of course, the beautiful city.


I decided to specialize in online marketing and obtained a Postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing Communication. After working in a marketing agency in Brussels, I took on the role of Digital Marketing Manager in an international horticulture company. But then I felt that it was time to pursue my passion and take a leap forward.


As a young and creative marketer, I took on the freelance adventure. That’s when eMagic was born.

Take the risk or lose the chance, and she who dares wins, right?!


As a freelancer, I absolutely LOVE being able to unleash my creativity and further develop the skills I've gained over the years. Being an entrepreneur is such a fulfilling experience! My ultimate goal as the founder of eMagic is to assist growing organizations that need some extra marketing support. So if you could you use a professional copywriter, translator, or social media manager? I am here to help, while you can concentrate on your core business.

Would you like to learn more about my professional aspirations, skills, and experience? Feel free to get in touch! I'd be more than happy to have chat and share all the details with you.

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Not bored yet? Cool!
Then discover my superpowers. 

Because of my positive vibes, motivation, and dedication, I strive to exceed your expectations. I don’t rest before I'm able to deliver a high-quality and professional project with remarkable results. As a natural perfectionist, you can rely on my capacity for precision and sharp attention to detail. Thanks to my powerful organisational skills, meeting your deadlines is never a problem.

eMagic is a digital freelancer where the f stands for flexible. Through a family-like collaboration, we work out an arrangement together that is close to your wishes. It is possible to reach out to me for one or multiple projects and for a short or long-term period.

Since I enjoy learning new things and taking on challenges, I’m always seeking new projects to work on.
So don’t be shy, connect with me, and experience the magic.

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Wondering what my clients have to say about me? Take a peek at their testimonials.

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